Hi Everyone!

I'm Michaela the creator of this blog SundayMornings! I wanted to introduce myself to you all and talk about the blog and what you can expect from it. I created this lifestyle blog because I am the creative type that loves fashion, cooking, home decor, make up..etc. I also have a passion for writing so I thought why not combine all the things I love into one space! I hope this blog can be a destination you to know to come to if you want to learn or read about a variety of things. 

Now a few facts about me: I am finishing a degree in Marketing Communications, I am a HUGE animal lover, a girlfriend, avid coffee drinker, a foodie, and clothes enthusiast just to name a few! By following this blog I hope you get even more insight into who I am and the things I love. 

Meaning behind my blog name: For me there is nothing better then Sunday Mornings, it is more then just a day to me it's a feeling. It's the calm before the week, it's cozy, it's the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, it's the beautiful morning light creeping through your blinds, it's relaxing, it's cuddling with your loved ones, it's cooking a nice meal together, it's watching that film you've been meaning to watch or finally reading the book you bought a month ago. To me Sunday Mornings & Sunday's embody the best things in life. 

How does this relate to my blog? Well I will be sharing things that I think make up the best things in life and hope to give you that Sunday Morning feeling during your busy week. 


Michaela Courand