How I Meal Prep for Work!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am writing a post for you all about how I bring my lunch everyday to work. I have been doing this for almost 8 months now and I have to give all the credit to meal prepping on the weekend. Meal prepping can feel daunting if you’ve never done it before or don’t cook much but hopefully this post will help you feel less that way.

Now before I get into the details about meal prepping I will tell you why I do. You could be wondering why don’t you just go get something in the cafeteria? I have 2 main reasons why I don’t. Number 1 being I have many dietary restrictions. I can’t have gluten and like 10 additional things. This makes it quite hard to eat prepared food. I don’t know the ingredients and how they cooked it. Reason Number 2 is I don’t want to spend the money. Really what you are paying for is convince and thats not something I really want to spend my money on. I’d rather buy shoes or clothes lol.  

Eating out for lunch everyday lets say the meal is $10 dollars to buy from the cafeteria (and that’s low) you are spending $50 dollars a week just on food. That’s 200 bucks a month gone to cafeteria food, which generally isn’t healthy or good for you. They are high in fat, salt, carbs etc. So those are the big reasons as to what motivates me to meal prep. I use motivate as my choice of word here because I think to meal prep for every lunch during the week you have to find what personally motivates you to do that. For me I have it a bit easier because I have real restrictions but maybe for you if you don’t the choice to cook for yourself is harder.      

How I meal prep: 

I basically make a salad bowl or a buddha bowl almost everyday for lunch. Before I grocery shop for my bowl's I break down the bowl to see what ingredients I need. As I base I use a mixed green salad mix or quinoa/brown rice. Something with arugula, spinach etc.  Then I add a carb or starch so that's either butternut squash,sweet potato or rice. Then I add protein. I use ground turkey, chicken, sometimes very lean chicken apple sausage for variety. 

I prep the the sweet potatoes and butternut squash the sunday before the week because they take a really long time to cook and I wouldn't have time in the morning before work. Then I cook up the various proteins so that I have those cooked as well. Then I put them in tupperware ready to be sectioned off for the week. 

This is really all it takes to meal prep. It's work to do it because you have to grocery shop and cook ahead of time but It's worth it in my opinion. What do you guys think? Do you meal prep? Or think heck no that's boring and I'd rather eat out everyday for lunch. Let me know!

What I’ve Bought for far

Hi Cuties, I am back today with a post for you all on what I’ve bought for work so far! When I decided to accept this full time job in an office I knew I needed a few things to get ready for it. 

I broke up the items I needed into categories to make sure I was atleast hitting something from every section.  


Lunch Box


Business Casual Clothes

A Work Bag

Work Shoes

Office Decor

Out of what I‘ve listed so far I have bought business casual clothing because that was the most pressing, a lunch box, planner, and a work bag. I’ve mostly shopped at banana republic, nordstrom, h&m, and use items I already own. Everything I’ve pictured are the exact items I’ve bought. 

My lunch box I got from amazon its by Homespon it was under $20. I love this lunch box, it’s cute, easy to clean, and spacious. 

My bag is from Nordstrom under $50! I looked at many tote bags for work ranging from 50-250$ and I decided to go with the cheap option until I firgure out the kind I actually like. I also have to say for this bag being 50 bucks it’s a wonderful quality. 

I mentioned this on my instagram @michaelacourand that I always buy a new planner before I start something new. I used to do this before I started a new school year and now Ive done it before I started this new job. I find it such a nice tradition and I just love planners and agendas so much. I am a geek when it comes to stationary.  

As of right now those are the only things I’ve bought. I haven’t bought work shoes yet. Aka flats or loafers because in all honesty I am not much of a flats person. I always like shoes that give me some height. But I am seeing that a few pairs of flats would be nice because the heels I am wearing aren’t the most practical for the amount of walking I do now. I also haven’t really bought any office decor. I have brought a few pieces from home but am hoping to purchase a few other things to make it feel more like me. 

I hope if you are also starting a new job in an office environment and are a little lost on what you might need to buy this gives you some insight and a list to follow!  

Talk to you all soon! I have some really fun posts coming your way :) 


#CoffeeShopThoughts: Transitions

Hi Everyone! I am back today with a new post for you all! Another #coffeeshopthoughts for you all on transitions. In life we are constantly going through changes and transitions. That is just a part of life but it doesn’t necessarily make them easier.  

I am currently in a state of transition and I definitely feel the weight of it. If you too are in a transitional state we can go through it together! If you haven’t kept up with my instagram ( @michaelacourand) or other blogposts where I’ve been talking about it I have accepted my first full time job.  

This is an exciting change and a good one, but it is still a change and a big one at that. I say this because not all transitions are bad or unwanted some are wanted and good but it doesn’t take away from the fact that all transitions are hard. I started on Monday but it didn’t really hit me until yesterday (thursday) that this is my new life. That things aren’t going to return to how they were before. That might sound silly or obvious to you but it kind of set me back personally. I realized coming to work everyday, spending the amount of time I do here, dressing a certain way is going to become my new normal. 

The thought of this made my eyes widen and I gulped down an array of different emotions. I felt unsure, excited, sad, happy and many others emotions. Have I mentioned I am a very sensitive person haha? I think these are all natural feeling when you make a big change to your life. I am writing this post so that you know if you are feeling these things it’s okay. I am also telling myself it’s okay too because part of me felt quite guilty for having these types of feelings. Like shouldn’t I just be excited? Happy that I’ve recieved this great opportunity? The answer is partly yes I should feel these things because like I said this is a good change to my life but I can also allow myself to feel the other emotions too. 

I think I often forget and others might too that transitions consist of endings so that you can enter into the new beginnings. If we remember this than of course we are going to feel some unsure and sad feelings.  I think it just really hit me that part of my life before this has ended. That chapter is closed. Yes that feels sad but I know I am on to better things for me and my future. 

I think if I was a little better at adapting to change I wouldn’t have such a hard time with the transitions. That is just me and maybe some of you. If you are a mover and shaker and really good at adapting to change then I am jealous lol. 

I hope this finds you if you are in need of some reassurance during your transition. Transitions can be hard and many other things but a positive thing about them is they are temporary, they don’t last forever. Soon you’ll be used to your new situation  ( hopefully I will too) and eventually it won’t be new and you won’t feel any sadness or weight over the transition anymore.