What I’ve Bought for Work...so far

Hi Cuties, I am back today with a post for you all on what I’ve bought for work so far! When I decided to accept this full time job in an office I knew I needed a few things to get ready for it. 

I broke up the items I needed into categories to make sure I was atleast hitting something from every section.  


Lunch Box


Business Casual Clothes

A Work Bag

Work Shoes

Office Decor

Out of what I‘ve listed so far I have bought business casual clothing because that was the most pressing, a lunch box, planner, and a work bag. I’ve mostly shopped at banana republic, nordstrom, h&m, and use items I already own. Everything I’ve pictured are the exact items I’ve bought. 

My lunch box I got from amazon its by Homespon it was under $20. I love this lunch box, it’s cute, easy to clean, and spacious. 

My bag is from Nordstrom under $50! I looked at many tote bags for work ranging from 50-250$ and I decided to go with the cheap option until I firgure out the kind I actually like. I also have to say for this bag being 50 bucks it’s a wonderful quality. 

I mentioned this on my instagram @michaelacourand that I always buy a new planner before I start something new. I used to do this before I started a new school year and now Ive done it before I started this new job. I find it such a nice tradition and I just love planners and agendas so much. I am a geek when it comes to stationary.  

As of right now those are the only things I’ve bought. I haven’t bought work shoes yet. Aka flats or loafers because in all honesty I am not much of a flats person. I always like shoes that give me some height. But I am seeing that a few pairs of flats would be nice because the heels I am wearing aren’t the most practical for the amount of walking I do now. I also haven’t really bought any office decor. I have brought a few pieces from home but am hoping to purchase a few other things to make it feel more like me. 

I hope if you are also starting a new job in an office environment and are a little lost on what you might need to buy this gives you some insight and a list to follow!  

Talk to you all soon! I have some really fun posts coming your way :)