How I Meal Prep for Work!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am writing a post for you all about how I bring my lunch everyday to work. I have been doing this for almost 8 months now and I have to give all the credit to meal prepping on the weekend. Meal prepping can feel daunting if you’ve never done it before or don’t cook much but hopefully this post will help you feel less that way.

Now before I get into the details about meal prepping I will tell you why I do. You could be wondering why don’t you just go get something in the cafeteria? I have 2 main reasons why I don’t. Number 1 being I have many dietary restrictions. I can’t have gluten and like 10 additional things. This makes it quite hard to eat prepared food. I don’t know the ingredients and how they cooked it. Reason Number 2 is I don’t want to spend the money. Really what you are paying for is convince and thats not something I really want to spend my money on. I’d rather buy shoes or clothes lol.  

Eating out for lunch everyday lets say the meal is $10 dollars to buy from the cafeteria (and that’s low) you are spending $50 dollars a week just on food. That’s 200 bucks a month gone to cafeteria food, which generally isn’t healthy or good for you. They are high in fat, salt, carbs etc. So those are the big reasons as to what motivates me to meal prep. I use motivate as my choice of word here because I think to meal prep for every lunch during the week you have to find what personally motivates you to do that. For me I have it a bit easier because I have real restrictions but maybe for you if you don’t the choice to cook for yourself is harder.      

How I meal prep: 

I basically make a salad bowl or a buddha bowl almost everyday for lunch. Before I grocery shop for my bowl's I break down the bowl to see what ingredients I need. As I base I use a mixed green salad mix or quinoa/brown rice. Something with arugula, spinach etc.  Then I add a carb or starch so that's either butternut squash,sweet potato or rice. Then I add protein. I use ground turkey, chicken, sometimes very lean chicken apple sausage for variety. 

I prep the the sweet potatoes and butternut squash the sunday before the week because they take a really long time to cook and I wouldn't have time in the morning before work. Then I cook up the various proteins so that I have those cooked as well. Then I put them in tupperware ready to be sectioned off for the week. 

This is really all it takes to meal prep. It's work to do it because you have to grocery shop and cook ahead of time but It's worth it in my opinion. What do you guys think? Do you meal prep? Or think heck no that's boring and I'd rather eat out everyday for lunch. Let me know!